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We specialize in Cables, Connectors, Adapters & Converters for the Audio, Video & Computer markets that gives our Clients an edge over the competition. By working with Customers of all levels on a daily basis, we have the ability to develop our products and services through the use of leading edge technology.

Our data products cover virtually every communication application. They are the ultimate solution that will not only meet your current requirements, but your future ones too, with greater bandwidths, enhanced durability, and easier installation.

Technology moves fast and we keep up.

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Lightning USB Charging Cables

All our cables are compatible with the following

Lightning USB Charging Cables

USB Charging Cables

Mac OS




USB Charging Cables

New Easy to use USB ‘C’ Adapters for all Devices

Latest USB 3.1c Cable Adapters


The new USB-C connector is being widely adopted by manufacturers such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Along with the new connector and port combination, there is a new standard called USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+(GEN2). The USB-C cables comply with the European regulations calling for a universal connector for charging mobile phones. This means that soon, almost everything, everywhere, will be powered, charged and connected by USB-C cables.

Black Cotton High End Audio Video Cables

Black Cotton Series

Our High End Audio video cables provide a high definition video and high quality Audio connection between devices, such as a DVD player, Blu-Ray, satellite receiver, cable box, and more.

These cables all have 24K gold plated connectors to ensure proper installation.

These cables are thick fully shielded high definition (OFC) Oxygen Free Copper. Internally these cables are protected from EMI and RFI interference by a 95% copper braid and 100% aluminium foil shield.

OFC (Oxygen free copper) cable for better sound quality with less loss and are capable of resolutions of up to 1080P.

These high end cables will give you the picture and sound quality you want at a budget price.

Optical USB 3.0 extension cable

Optical USB 3.0 extension cable

With the Active Optical USB 3.0 Hybrid Cable (AOC) you can transfer your data over long distances without loss.

It is perfect for conference rooms, media desks, auditoriums or for the ambitious home user.

The data transfer rate from USB 3.0 can reach up to 5 Gbps.

This USB 3.0 AOC cable can be operated without any additional power supply.

If your device needs more power you can connect a 5V power adapter to the USB Micro B jack.

A hybrid cable converts an electrical data signal into an optical data signal.

Due to the optical fibre, the attenuation is minimal and EMI is zero.

CAT 8.1 Tool less plug + Angle plug + Keystone tool less

CAT 8.1 Tool less plug with angle

CAT 8.1 Tool less plug

· Connections: Insulation-displacement connector to RJ45 plug

· Full shielded

· Fit for AWG 22 to AWG 26, CAT 8.1

· Tool-less installation

· Housing material: zinc alloy

· with dust cover

· Colour: silver

RJ45 coupler CAT 6, IP67, Outdoor

RJ45 coupler CAT 6 IP67 Outdoor

This RJ45 connector is qualified for outdoor use. With IP67, it is protected for temporary submersion and dust.

· Connections: RJ45 jack to RJ45 jack

· Assigned pins: 8 (1:1)

· Gold plated contacts

· For cable diameters: 3mm to 8mm

· Category: 6

· Shielding: FTP

· Compatible with 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T

· Housing material: Nylon PA66

· IP67 tested

· Temperature range: -40° C to 105° C

· Colour: black

NEW Selection of HDMI Splitters & Switches 4K2K 60Hz

HDMI Splitter 1 x IN – 4x OUT 4K2K 60Hz


Easy to install and simple to link any one to five sources to HDTV or Projector display

Full HD 1080p Support 36-bit deep colour

High performance up 2.5Gbps

Supports 25 meters HDMI Cable on both ends of the switcher

No Power is needed (If input equipment is standard, otherwise power is needed)

Multifunctional on switching: intelligent or mechanical IR remote

Support HDMI 1.3b HDCP pass-through

Support uncompressed audio such as LPCM

Support compressed audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital (including DTS-HD and Dolby True HD)

Displayport 1.4 Cables UHD 8K & 4K 60Hz

Displayport Cables

With DisplayPort 1.4 cables you connect your graphics card with a monitor, TV or video projector.

A Displayport cable transmits digital video and audio signals.

These cables can support a maximum bandwidth of 18 Gbit / s, which can correspond to a resolution of 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz and a colour sampling of 4: 4: 4.

18Gbps Fibre AOC 4K UHD HDMI Cables & the NEW Armoured AOC HDMI Cable

30-040 AOC HDMI Cable

Professional HDMI cable with fibre optic technology for data rates of up to 18 Gbps with a transmission distance of up to 100 m. The cable therefore supports high-resolution 4K formats with 50 or 60 Hz, 4:4:4 chroma subsampling as well as HDR, and is the solution for connecting devices with an HDMI 2.0 interface over large distances. Thanks to the solid armouring made of a steel helix and Kevlar threads, the cable is very resistant and can withstand tensile loads of up to 100 kg and even 200 kg for a short time. In addition, the solid metal connectors are protected by a plastic sleeve with a screw cap during transport and assembly/disassembly. The cable is therefore suitable for rough use with recurring assembly and disassembly cycles, e.g. in show and stage applications.

Armoured HDMI AOC Cable

AOC Displayport Cable

IP67 Outdoor Cat 6A Ethernet Cables

Full & Branch Armoured Duplex Fibre Optic Cables


Active Optical Displayport to Displayport v1.4

NEW CAT 6A Outdoor Patch Cables

New Duplex Patch Cables

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Micro-X is one of the leading suppliers for Audio, Video, Data & Computer Cables, Connectors and Adapters to the wholesale & trade.

We offer a very comprehensive range of cables, connectors & adapters from cutting-edge to legacy and hard-to-find.

The electronic peripheral market is very fast-paced so we are always developing new products to keep abreast of emerging technologies and standards.

We continue to introduce new cables as new standards emerge, such as USB 3.1 (Gen 2) and now the very latest CAT 8.1 F/FTP data networking patch and installation cables along with CAT 8.1 Keystone and field connectors.

Our products comply and conform to all the industry standards along with the highest quality requirements.


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