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Compression Connectors

Compression connectors are a great solution for a secure, weatherproof termination.

The one-piece design makes terminations easy and much quicker than standard crimp style connectors.

Compression connectors require a compression tool for termination. Item No: 88010 & 88011

Aerial Plugs Connectors & Adaptors

F-compression connector for 7mm Cable

F compression connector for 7.2mm

F compression connector Gold Plated for 7.2mm Cable

Item No: 85029-A

Item No: 85030-A

Item No: 85030-AG

F compression Plug 90° for 7.2mm Cable

IEC Female Compression connector for 7.2mm cable

IEC Male compression connector for 7.2mm Cable

Item No: 85031-A

Item No: 85032-A

Item No: 85033-A