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HDMI Cables

High Quality Series

High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet: All-In-One Cable.

When Smart TVs first hit the market, they seemed like a gimmick: if you’re not smart enough to surf on a computer or a phone, you can use the Internet right on your television!

You undoubtedly know that HDMI is now the standard for transferring high-definition signals, allowing you to use a single cable for both video and audio.

What if you could use that cable to also transfer Internet data at the same time? That’s what our High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet can do.

An HDMI cable’s Ethernet channel will only work when the cable is connected between devices that support HDMI over Ethernet functionality, and many do not. A label reading “HEC Compatible” will indicate whether a component can send and receive Internet signals over an Ethernet-enabled HDMI cable.

Uses for High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet can range from connecting an HDTV to a gaming console, to connecting a Blu-ray player to a monitor; since technology is changing constantly, there are likely to be new applications on the way. At any rate, HDMI signal delivery is exactly the same whether or not the cable has the Ethernet channel.

Our High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet

There are now three versions of HDMI cables with Ethernet on the market today, standard, high-speed and NOW AOC Fibre.

Standard-speed cables aren’t capable of transferring normal high-def 1080p signals, let alone 4K, so there’s no reason to even consider them these days.

ALL our cables are high-speed cables and they perform perfectly, meeting or exceeding all HDMI standards to faithfully reproduce video and audio all the way up to today’s modern 4K and 3D resolutions.

AOC HDMI CablesThe NEW AOC HDMI cable converts the signals into a fibre optic cable which enables transmission of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video Bandwidth up to 18Gbps 4K@50/60 (2160p), which is 4 times the clarity of 1080p/60 video resolution.

Up to 32 audio channels for a multi-dimensional immersive audio experience

Up to 1536kHz audio sample frequency for the highest audio fidelity

Simultaneous delivery of dual video streams to multiple users on the same screen

Simultaneous delivery of multi-stream audio to multiple users (Up to 4)

Support for the wide angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio

Dynamic synchronization of video and audio streams

CEC extensions provide more expanded command and control of consumer electronics devices through a single control point

HDMI 2.0b does not define new cables or new connectors. Current High Speed cables (Category 2 cables) are capable of carrying the increased bandwidth.

The NEW design of this HDMI cable is outstanding and allows the signals to be transferred over longer distances without the old cumbersome thick HDMI cable

LENGTH    Number

1.0M    MPN: 77470 LDN

1.5M    MPN: 77471 LDN

2.0M    MPN: 77472 LDN

3.0M    MPN: 77473 LDN

5.0M    MPN: 77475 LDN

7.5M    MPN: 77477 LDN

10.0M  MPN: 77447 LDN

MPN: 77470-LDN

HDMI plug (A) – HDMI plug A Low Density Nylon

MPN: 77470-WLDN

HDMI plug (A) – HDMI plug A Low Density Nylon

LENGTH    Number

1.0M    MPN: 77470 WLDN

1.5M    MPN: 77471 WLDN

2.0M    MPN: 77472 WLDN

3.0M    MPN: 77473 WLDN

5.0M    MPN: 77475 WLDN

7.5M    MPN: 77477 WLDN

10.0M  MPN: 77478 WLDN

MPN: 77470-ETBCL

HDMI plug (A) Chrome plated HDMI plug (A) Chrome plated black-blue cotton casing

LENGTH    Number

1.0M     MPN: 77470-ETBCL

2.0M     MPN: 77472-ETBCL

3.0M     MPN: 77473-ETBCL

3.0M     MPN: 77475-ETBCL


LENGTH    Number

1.0M    MPN: 77470 FERRITE

1.5M    MPN: 77471 FERRITE

2.0M    MPN: 77472 FERRITE

3.0M    MPN: 77473 FERRITE

5.0M    MPN: 77475 FERRITE

7.5M    MPN: 77477 FERRITE

10.0M  MPN: 77478 FERRITE

HDMI plug (A) – HDMI plug (a With 2x Ferrite

LENGTH    Number

0.5M    MPN: 77470 FLAT 0.5

1.0M    MPN: 77470 FLAT

1.5M    MPN: 77471 FLAT

2.0M    MPN: 77472 FLAT

3.0M    MPN: 77473 FLAT

5.0M    MPN: 77475 FLAT

MPN: 77470-FLAT

HDMI plug (A) – HDMI plug A FLAT

MPN: 77470-1

HDMI plug (C) HDMI plug (C),

LENGTH    Number

1.0M    MPN: 77470-1

1.5M    MPN: 77471-1

2.0M    MPN: 77472-1

3.0M    MPN: 77473-1

5.0M    MPN: 77475-1

MPN: 77470-2

HDMI plug (A) HDMI plug (C),

LENGTH    Number

1.0M    MPN: 77470-2

1.5M    MPN: 77471-2

2.0M    MPN: 77472-2

3.0M    MPN: 77473-2

5.0M    MPN: 77475-2

MPN: 77470-3

HDMI plug (A) – HDMI plug (D),

LENGTH    Number

0.5M    MPN: 77470-3-0.5

1.0M    MPN: 77470-3

1.5M    MPN: 77471-3

2.0M    MPN: 77472-3

5.0M    MPN: 77475-2

LENGTH    Number

0.5M    MPN: 77470 5 0.5

1.0M    MPN: 77470 5

1.5M    MPN: 77471 5

2.0M    MPN: 77472 5

3.0M    MPN: 77473 5

5.0M    MPN: 77475 5

MPN: 77470-5

HDMI plug (A) angled HDMI plug (A),

MPN: 77470-6

HDMI plug (A) angled HDMI plug (A) angled,

LENGTH    Number

0.5M    MPN: 77470 6 0.5

1.0M    MPN: 77470 6

1.5M    MPN: 77471 6

2.0M    MPN: 77472 6

3.0M    MPN: 77473 6

5.0M    MPN: 77475 6

MPN: 77470-7

HDMI plug (A) HDMI plug (A),  both connectors rotate 180 degrees

LENGTH    Number

0.5M    MPN: 77470 7 0.5

1.0M    MPN: 77470 7

1.5M    MPN: 77471 7

2.0M    MPN: 77472 7

3.0M    MPN: 77473 7

5.0M    MPN: 77475 7

MPN: 77470-8

LENGTH    Number

1.0M    MPN: 77470 8

1.5M    MPN: 77471 8

2.0M    MPN: 77472 8

3.0M    MPN: 77473 8

5.0M    MPN: 77475 8

HDMI plug (A) HDMI plug (A),  0ne end  connector rotates


LENGTH    Number

1.0M    MPN: 77470 9

2.0M    MPN: 77472 9

3.0M    MPN: 77473 9

5.0M    MPN: 77475 9

MPN: 77479

HDMI plug (A) – HDMI socket (A),

LENGTH    Number

0.25M     MPN: 77479-0.25

0.5M       MPN: 77479-0.5

1.0M       MPN: 77479-1.0

1.5M       MPN: 77479-1.5

2.0M       MPN: 77479-2.0

3.0M       MPN: 77479-3.0

5.0M       MPN: 77479-5.0

MPN: 77470-9

The RedMere technology active regenerates the original signal, in order to ensure an accurate representation over larger distances than conventional cables

LENGTH    Number

20.0M    MPN: 77478-20-RM

25.0M    MPN: 77478-25-RM

30.0M    MPN: 77478-30-RM