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Our data products cover virtually every communication application. They are the ultimate solution that will not only meet your current requirements, but your future ones too, with greater bandwidths, enhanced durability, and easier installation.

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USB 3.0 Adaptor Type-A Female to Type-B Male


EAN NUmber




5 Year Warranty!

High Quality USB 3.0 Type-A (Male) to Type Mini-B 10-Pin (Male) Adapter

Supports USB 3.0 Super Speed Data Transfers up to 5000Mbps

Compact, durable construction

Also backwards-compatible for USB 2.0 connections (at lower speed)

One adapter only (photo shown to display both adapterends)

Colour: Blue with Silver connectors

USB A plug - USB B plug MPN 77047-3 1.jpg

Adapts between regular USB 3.0 Type-A (Male) and USB 3.0 Type-B (Male) connections. Ideal for use with our range of USB 3.0 Extension cables.

Printers are fast becoming multi-purpose juggernauts which crave Super-Speed data for fast printing, fast scanning and fast network access. With this USB 3.0 A-B adapter, your new multi–function or printer's Type-B USB 3.0 socket can easily be adapted to work with regular Type-A USB 3.0 cables for even easier cabling solutions. It can also interface with USB 2.0 cables on the Type-A side, but at lower speeds.

It can be used directly between host and client/slave devices, or couple it with a USB 3.0 extension cable for more versatility.


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USB 3.0 Adaptor Type-A Male to Type-B Male

About our USB Cables and Adaptors

Our goal is to bring you better better quality products at the right price where you can take advantage of the latest technologies with these elegant and innovative line of USB Adaptors and cables. Designed to perform on par with the very high end adaptors and cables but at a price everyone can afford. TRY THEM.

With years of experience in the electronics manufacturing sector, we design product lines with our engineers that eliminate possible mal functions within electronic connections, while preserving data signals to bring customers the delight of a cleaner, high-end product.

We are dedicated to continuous innovation and be one of the key players that drive the next revolution within the data technology to benefit customers.

All of our products are manufactured to a very high specification and are tested to meet all international recognised standards.