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USB A 3.0 Plug - USB A 1.2-2.0 Socket

Ideal for mobile phones and other devices that take a Micro B connection.

The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and provides transfer speeds of up to 5.0GB per second when connected to compatible USB 3.0 devices. Transfer speed is optimized by providing multiple lanes to transmit and receive data.

Our goal is to bring you better better quality products at the right price where you can take advantage of the latest technologies with these elegant and innovative line of USB Adaptors and cables. Designed to perform on par with the very high end adaptors and cables but at a price everyone can afford. TRY THEM.

With years of experience in the electronics manufacturing sector, we design product lines with our engineers that eliminate possible mal functions within electronic connections, while preserving data signals to bring customers the delight of a cleaner, high-end product.

We are dedicated to continuous innovation and be one of the key players that drive the next revolution within the data technology to benefit customers.

All of our products are manufactured to a very high specification and are tested to meet all international recognised standards.

Designed and Engineered for Quality

About our USB Cables and Adaptors

USB 3.0 A Plug to USB A 1.2-2.0 Socket 5000 Mbps

USB Cables USB Adaptors

·USB A Plug - USB A Socket

· USB 3.0, USB 1.2 / 2.0 compatible

· Transfer rate: 5000 Mbit / s

· Hood: potted

· Shielding: mesh and foil

· Power 7x0,20mm Data 7x0,12mm

· Cores Material: Tinned Copper

· Plug Material: Iron

· Contact surface: Nickel- plated

· Colour Plug / Cable: Blue / Blue

USB A 3.0 Plug - USB A 1.2-2.0 Socket




EAN Number













USB A 3.0 Plug - USB A 1.2-2.0 Socket