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VGA Adapters

Adapter DVI-I plug 24+5 Dual-Link - VGA Socket

Adapter DVI-A Plug - 12+5 Single-Link VGA Socket

Adapter DVI-D Plug 24+1 Dual-Link VGA Socket

Item No: 77416

Item No: 77416-1

Item No: 77416-2

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Adapter Mini Displayport plug - VGA Socket

USB 3.1 C St. - VGA socket, adapter

Displayport 1.1 pcs. - VGA socket, adapter

Item No: 77422

Item No: 14-05006

Item No: 14-05009

VGA is a type of analogue video cable used on older computers and monitors. Digital video cables, such as HDMI and DVI, have largely replaced VGA on newer equipment. VGA can be connected to newer, digital connections by using a converter but the video signal will still be limited to VGA’s analogue quality. If you convert to an audio/video cable like HDMI, keep in mind that VGA is video-only and needs a separate cable if you also want audio. VGA connectors have 15 pins in three rows of 5 pins each. Sometimes one of these is a “dead pin”, so some VGA cables are only built with 14 active pins. If you need a VGA cable with all 15 pins, be sure to pick one up that uses a True 15 Pin layout.

Displayport 1.2 pcs. - VGA socket, adapter

HDMI plug - VGA socket, adapter, white

Item No: 14-05012

Item No: 10-01001 White